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Summer 2024!


The numbers are in, and we will be having a summer program! We are so excited as this is our 1st summer in 2 years! With that being said we have some very important information for you! Please make sure you read this email in its entirety as you will miss out on summer information.




Every child will need to have new paperwork filled out by the first day of summer. (May28th) This paperwork will go to your home school when school starts. There is a $45 registration fee for this summer. This will give you a discount for the school year registration as well. We want to make sure this is a fun and safe summer for everyone!

We have 3 rules here at YKP 1. Be safe in everything you do 2. Be respectful in everything you do 3. Have fun! We have so many fun things planned for the kids as well as to play with, so they don’t need to bring any toys from home. This includes cell phones and tablets or stuffed animals. If we see kids with items from home, we will take them for the day and return them to you when you pick them up. Please help us with making sure your child doesn’t bring anything from home unless approved for the day.

Payments are due by Friday for next week. Late fees will be $5 per day past Friday. We must know when your child is coming so we can make sure we have enough staff here for the kids. CCAP parents you also must let us know what days your child will be coming.


We will not be riding a bus to any field trips this year. We will walk up to the swimming pool or Secrest Park a few times but will not be going farther than that. We have so many activities, crafts, guest speakers as well as bounce houses coming to us. We will be going outside every day so your child will need a water bottle every day! They also need lunch and 2 snacks daily. We will be providing lunch on our BBQ days. This will either be hotdogs and sides or pizza and sides!


When dropping your child off we are located by the dumpsters by the field. There is a driveway leading up to the dumpsters, this is not for parents to drive up. This is only for service vehicles not for daycare. You can park along the sidewalk and fence in the parking lot, or you can park in a spot and walk up! Parents are required to walk their students in the building. No more just drop and go! When you drop them off you must sign them in in the book. When you pick them up you must sign them out in the book as well.


We love getting donations! We will take any toys, books, Nut-free food, and sunscreen. We are always in need of all those things.

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